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« on: August 26, 2012, 10:19:25 pm »
- Your real name?:Aldin
- How old are you?:15
- Location and Time zone (name of the country and GMT): +1 Bosnia
- What hobbies do you have?:
- Can you talk english fluently?:ye
- Rate your English on a scale of 1 to 10:9
- What other languages do you know?:german and bosnian
- Can you share us a picture of yourselft(If you don't want to, don't post)?:
- Tell us more about you/Introduce yourself(Don't leave it blank):Im a pro :D

Gaming Information
- Your In-game name?:STinGZ
- Previously used nicks?:Radi Activ
- How long have you been playing SA-MP?:5 years or 4
- Do you know A/D (Attack and Defense)?:ofc
- Can you perfectly C-bug?:ofc
- How did you find out of the xG or how do you know us?:hsn told me
- In what servers do you usually play?:SFR
- In what clans have you been in?:X,moF,iTG
- Please explain fully why you left (or got kicked):i left bcuz i was inactiv in mof ad itg school and vecation and X was inactiv so im left
- Have you ever applied to a clan and got denied? If yes, why?:in lv bcuz i was in X -.-
- Do you use any modifications(if you do, tell us what you use)?:
- Have you ever used cheats on SA:MP?:no
- What is your average ping at EU servers?:60
- How many FPS do you use/or get while playing?:60
- How active are you?:when is school 1 day at week :( on vecations almost all time

Contacts & Accessories
- Do you have Xfire(Required)?: 44sting
- Do you have Ventrilo?:ye
- Are you willing to download Ventrilo if it is needed?:ye
Some Questions
- Did any xG member invite you to the clan?:Ace
- Why do you want to join us?:Bcuz i wanna be in a clan and to make it good
- Why should we accept you?:bcuz ima  pro :D
- What would make you want to leave a clan?:well nothing or inactivity when im activ :D
- If we accept you, will you promise us to stay loyal and join no other clan?:OFC
- Are you capable to follow clear orders(in ENGLISH)?:OFC
- Do you promise to speak English most of the time?:i only speak english
- What's your opinion about 'clan-hopping'?:dudes do that bcuz they ez
- Will you respect every member and also every player?ofc
- Would you donate to xG?:nein
- What other games do you play?:LOL and CS

Skill & knowledge
Please rate your skills on a scale of 1 to 10 in the following( if you don't have any skills, leave it blank)

A/D knowledge:7-8
WW - Walk weapons:9
RW - Running weapons(such as 2 Shot & 4 Shot):4
Cooperation and teamwork: 8

Photoshop -
Server Scripting/PAWNO -
Video editing -
Website/Homepage stuff -

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Re: Apply
« Reply #1 on: August 26, 2012, 10:24:48 pm »
I've played with you and I know that you're good!
Hope you keep my trust alive!
- Too weird to live, Too Unique to Die!
- A real player is he who enjoys the game. not flames like a real shithead!
- Aim to be better than you what you were yesterday,  :)